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Hi everyone, Who influenced you, positively or negatively, on how to give good patient care? When I was 10 years old I was in the Emergency Room with acute apendicitis. I was in more pain than... Read More

    lot of people have influenced me to become a nurse, but a couple of people stick out in my mind. The traveling nurse who took care of me when I was in ICU, for pancreatitis and almost died of it. I was post-partum and very depressed I felt hopeless just laying in that hopital bed, she understood why I was crying, unlike the other nurses that would ask me, why are you crying? well I was 18 years old, dying, and unable to be with my 2 month old son. She did not ask those obvious questions. Instead she comforted me and gave me that smile, that made me bealive things where going to be ok.
    The nurses who took care of my dying 30 year old brother a year earlier.
    I have also met some not so nice nurse who have also tought me what not to do, and how not to be. As a CNA I have had my share of rotten nurses, like the nurse who thinks you know nothing, or treats you less because you dont have a collage education, or the nurse who thinks youre her personal maide. Its so tuff to be a CNA, when I become an RN I will never ever mistreat the aides.
    Finaly the person who truly inspired me to go for it was this nursing student who was a preceptor at the hopital I work at. She is about 30 years old, has 5 kids, arrived in the states about 10 years ago from Mexico. It just truly inspired me to go to nursing school. I saw this women as strong, for making a dream come true. Here was this women who had to learn english, go to school to get her GED, take care of 5 kids, and work, and she was finishing up her preceptorship to become an RN. Being a minority, and achieving something so high is just the best thing. I thought to myself if she can do it then this Latino girl who became a teenage mother, and droped out of high school will do it, and I AM