Which is BESTonline school or classroom if upgrading??HELP!!

  1. Hello fellow nurses I am so confused I was told today that by going online I would finsh my RN BSN quicker and I could work etc. it all sounded to good to be true I have heard of nurses doing this and all but I thought certain employers wouldn't accept online degrees so please give me further info. and if online is the best way to go which school is the best......I'd really appreciate the replies
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  3. by   Tweety
    I take it you mean you've already got the RN and want the BSN?

    A lot of colleges and universities offer online degrees, in addition to classroom settings. Go to an NLN approved colledge or university and see if they have an online program. There are many out there and they are good.

    My spouse just got his master's degree from Bellvue University in Omaha in Health Care Administration, and he did it 100% online. It's the same diploma as the regular classroom people get. No where does it say he got his online.

    I find online courses convenient and hope to continue from the local uni. Which has both online and in-class ADN RN to BSN programs. Both have the same classes, one you just take online, the other you go to a classroom.

    BTW, the programs I've looked into online are no faster than the classroom. They shouldn't be unless since it's the same work, just online.

    Good luck.
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