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  1. by   Vsummer1
    Jenny P

    I must bow my head to your eloquent portrayal of what I feel in my heart!


    I cannot work in LTC because my heart would break. The pts (residents) I took care of made me feel so inadequate. They had done so many things I could only dream of living through. How rotten it must be to have a mind, yet not a body? To live knowing what you had accomplished to better the world, yet not being able to control your bowel? Or worse yet, to lose both your mind and body? But how would I know what really is going on inside their mind because they could not communicate? Or because the staff wouldn't take the time needed for them to communicate?

    How does one KNOW what really they go through? I live today and think, please, do NOT put me in that situation. How many of them ever could foresee their lives becoming what they are now? How many of them would say to let them go? I know I would not want to live like some I have seen... yet, how do I KNOW?? My heart just breaks thinking that the man in that bed who I hoyle lift into that wheelchair is hating every moment, yet because he doesn't have decub's he must be well taken care of. They have him/her on so many meds to keep them alive, and because they can say "i want to die" they put them on anti-d's.

    I cannot help them die but to help their bodies live on. Is it right? Is it caring? I don't know!!! So I do what I can, I take care of their immediate needs, I take as much time to talk as I can, hoping that I am helping them to enjoy life. If I am merely "warehousing" them what does that do? NOTHING. I can only try to get a smile... and when they do it makes my day.

    oh heck. I am not making sense here. I hope you all understand what I am trying to convey... and in the end, RESPECT is the only word I can come up with.
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Being around people who need me sets me free. It wouldn't matter too much if the environment is without love. Thanks not to say i don't feel like a swithead when others around me are zombies and negative (non-love) energy collects. Then we can become polared to a downed feeling. Love flows to the path of least resistence. If love does not flow smoothly, it can acculmulate a strong charge and you can get shocked.
  3. by   hapeewendy
    I have been where you are adrie
    I have felt the same way you are feeling
    I Have been angry that my co workers dont seem to give a damn
    I cannot change that though, I can just be the best I can be, not focus too much on the task at hand but to realize there is a person whose life I am trying to better by caring for them.
    I have gone home many many mornings and cried wondering if i was the only person who really loves and cares about her patients
    we are not alone, we are the standard girl, we are the kind of nurses that the patients love in return! the patients know in their hearts just as we know in our hearts when someone geuninely cares for them.
    dont let the B*stards drag you down
    your patients need you!
    time is a luxury that we do not have , but we can make the most of the few minutes we do get to talk to our patient
    I think youre an awesome person and a wonderful nurse
    and you are in fine fine company in this board....
    take comfort that there are excellent nurses all over the world as evidenced by the posts on this board and just keep doin what youre doin!