Where is Zee?

  1. Have not seen her around in a while. Zee if you are out there, I guess you have been busy changing departments at work. Also, wondering how daughter that broke tail bone is doing.
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Right here, Oramar! Thanks for asking I'm still stuck in Human Resources. Can't move back to ICU until Memorial Day. That's two months' notice!! Geez.

    To pat myself on the back, though, I have brought our RN vacancy rate WAY down. I have NO full-time Med-surg openings and absolutely NO ICU openings. Telemetry is still a bug-a-boo; hard to find those nurses especially since our Telemetry unit requires completion of critical care course.

    Daughter is doing much better. Head wound healed nicely; tailbone is still sore but tolerable. The kids just got back today from a field trip to the Cleveland Zoo (a three-hour bus trip!).

    Thanks for checking up on me, Oramar. It's nice to have friends.
  4. by   oramar
    sounds as if everything is going good, reach back and pat yourself on the back