Where is the best place in AZ to work?

  1. Hey there! I was born and raised in Northern Arizona and am now heading back to AZ in the spring. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of some good places($) to work in the Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa area? I am really interested in working in the ER. Let me know what you think!
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  3. by   JMP

    I know you asked a specific question- but I just had to reply about AZ- I am a fairly recent grad and last spring I went to Flagstaff and feel in love with it- they interviewed me there and offered me a job- but I am still here in Canada- Why? main reason my husband would not have been able to work and that was a problem for us.........so I am still here but I loved Northern AZ- seasons like home- except the snow melts by noon.

    Southern AZ was not for us- we went back in late May and Phoenix was a very large American city- not what we where looking for- we did however, like Tempe and Tuscon. Tucson was great- but we where there as tourists, not as a RN looking to move there.

    Northern Arizona Healthcare treated me like royality- paid my way there and home- (it is a long way, believe me) and picked up my hotel bill for two nights and other things as well- I was very impressed by them and often wonder what would have happened- if I had gone........may still go someday.........all of my options are open!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Andy S.
    Good Luck! Thanks so much for your reply! I have worked at FMC before (2 years) and I love it. I want to try the Valley for a while and then go back home to Northern AZ (Flagstaff). I loved in Flagstaff and want to go back, who knows I still might?!
  5. by   johnboy
    Good luck in your job hunt! I worked in Phoenix from 1993-95 at a hospital that has been closed for a few years (Doctors'Hospital --->Humana Phoenix-->Columbia Phoenix-->etc.). So I can't give you any new info.

    Guess it really boils down to what type of ER you want, Level I Trauma, Gang-Warfare-Zone ER, or Prissy "Oh did I tell you my son's a lawyer" ER.

    I always felt that Valley hospitals didn't pay very well in relation to it's huge population, i.e. when I left my mid-sized Southern city for Phoenix, I would've made about $1.00 more an hour at home. And this was in 1993.

    Hope you find what you're looking for. When I was visiting recently, I noticed that the Samaritan Hospitals in Phoenix and Mesa had the same "Banner Health Care" emblem as the Lutheran Hospitals in Mesa. Sounds like some consolidation in the industry, and that's NEVER good for nurses, in my opinion.
  6. by   JMP
    Hope your job hunt is going well and you are settled.

    Listen, we are back on the " make a change bandwagon" again. We are thinking seriously about Flagstaff AGAIN. I know you are from there from your earlier posts.

    I have been in ICU for awhile now and love it. Just finishing up a critical care year long course (thank god!). Can you give me any nitty gritty stuff about nursing in Arizona- Flagstaff to be exact.

    Can you tell me about living there, the university, the hospital, what are the taxes like ( here in Canada I am taxed to death, but then we do have free health care). I make about 1800 gross every two weeks but my take home is only 1200 due to taxes, etc. How different would it be in Arizona..... what about costs locally. How crowded does it get in the summer, we last where there in May and it was beautiful......we went to Sedona, Grand Caynon, south to all the hot spots........... loved it.

    I want to make sure I have thought of everything before we make the big move..........anything you can think of would be greatly appreciated.............

    I am looking for any large med or small details!!!!!!!!!!

    THANKS again!

  7. by   Writer
    I'm in Flagstaff, been here over 7 years and still love it! As an NP, I'm in private practice where we are not exempt from political battles, etc... I just go do my job and come home.

    Since I've been out of hospital nurisng for years, I can't really speak to that environment, but for an NP, I'm doing very well, including bonuses for productivity..... I've actually doubled my income since moving here.

    Flag has 4 seasons (today warmish and cloudy but wonderful... I went to yoga in yoga pants and a tank top), the snow melts pretty quick, we have 1-2 days a year of terrible driving, but we all survive. Summers are delightful, mid 90's for a week and always cool at night... springs are wonderful, fall is awesome. Can you tell I love it here?

    The town is about 56,000, just big enough but not too big.... I run into patients all over town.... its fun! We're 2-2.5 hrs to the Valley, 2 hrs to Lake Powell....

    Summer is busy but not terrible. You soon learn which streets to avoid and when! But I can still cross town in less than a half hour, even at rush hour.

    Let me know if you need more info!
  8. by   JMP
    Thanks for the info writer......... We have been to Flagstaff twice and love it. My main concerns are centered around health care and how diff the two countries are.

    Can you give me any idea how much health insurance costs in your neck of the woods... I am assuming part of the costs would be covered by the hospital but then I am married too. These types of concerns are never addressed here, since we have publicly funded health care and it is free. Free to all. Well, your tax dollars are involved but you know what I mean.

    It is hard to find out this type of info, so if you can shed light on this I would appreciate it.

    Interesting that you are a NP. Ontario (Canada) is still struggling to find a place for NP's. They can not yet bill the government for their services so they must practice under a MD. How does it work in Arizona? What type of program did you take for your NP?

    I am an ICU RN and love it, although the shift work is tough.

    We are looking at 6-12 months before making the move and I am doing all the homework and research I can think of.

    Thanks J.
  9. by   Writer
    JMP, health care insurance is usually covered by the employer for the employee, and family members are covered if paid by the employee. Since I'm blissfully single, I haven't had to deal with it, so I'm kind of in the dark. The hospital system just went over to Cigna HMO as of Jan 1 so they would have to quote you, based on age, history, etc. Each employer will have different ways of dealing with it.

    Taxes here are moderate. I don't know how it will affect non-citizens. And again based on income level. I bring home about 70% of my salary... the rest goes to taxes, Medicare (which is a joke)....

    All of these things are so dependent on circumstances,,,

    Living here isn't real cheap, but sure is gorgeous! Our food, gas, etc all has to be trucked in but I really don't mind!

    You can check out the local scene at http://www.azdailysun.com/news/ which is our sorry excuse for a newspaper (I don't subscribe!) but the site has some of the classifed and links to lots of real estate, jobs, etc...

    Keep me posted!
  10. by   blitz
    Dear Andylane,
    I'm here in Phoenix and can tell you what is going on in Phoenix Memorial. They are always looking for ER nurses. Same with ICU, and don't even ask about Telemetry! For awhile they were offering obscene sign on bonuses, have since stopped. But there is an in-house pool, to which I belong. Basic pool, you only work a minimum of 2 days per pay cycle and base pay is 30.00. The next is premium pool, full time shifts (24 week committment) and pays 32.00. Weekend pool pays 40.00 an hour and you're committed to 4 out of 5 weekends. This is the one I'm signed up for and I like it very much. I'm sure the salary will be less in Canada, but, c'est la vie! I've heard many of the valley hospitals are offering the same kind of programs. They are all desperate!

    As a previous poster said, the valley is hot, and I do mean hot. We've had the AC on since February! Is there a specific reason you want to come to the valley? I think the basic salary here is around 20-25 per hour for RNs, and that's in ICU. Are the salaries much different other places in the state?

    Anyway, hope I've helped a bit. Ask me more if you need it.
  11. by   nursesrthebest
    Does anybody know anything about Good Sam or T'bird in Phoenix? I too want to move to Arizona, but I am interested in Phoenix.

  12. by   blitz
    Don't know much about T'bird, but Good Sam has a really good rep according to the nurses I've talked with
    I hope you find more information.