Where does everybody buy their nursing supplies???

  1. Hi Everyone! I've been reading this message board for the last couple of days and I must say there are some very interesting people involved in this discussion board! Anyways...I'm interested in hearing where everybody goes to buy their nursing supplies such as scrubs and what not. I've found a couple websites like allheart.com but I did not like the look of it. Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   renerian
    Kohls and Life Uniform for scrubbs.

  4. by   Super_Guy77
    Hi Charlie and Welcome!

    I am also new to this forum in fact this is my first post. I've found that allheart.com is like a flea market (poor quality stuff for low prices). I did however find another site that is absolutely great! I've ordered a bunch of scrubs and shoes from them in the last couple of months. They are called paraflexmed.com (http://paraflexmed.com). I would definatley recommend them over allheart.com.

  5. by   BritishStudent
    Im only a student nurse, so I mainly steal stuff from the resus trolly well, the tratment room at aleast
  6. by   Charlie3200
    Wow thanks Super_Guy! I've been looking for Dansko's forever!! Paraflexmed.com is thousands of times better than allheart! I like the choices they've got for scrubs too...allheart was too confusing...how often do u order from paraflexmed.com??

  7. by   sevans
    I like uniformsandscrubs.com - especially the Crest line
  8. by   brianpribis
    Here is an interesting link

    I find it funny (no, really, it is kinda funny) that most of the sites I went to offer two types of uniforms:
    female and unisex. I guess having a section for "Men" wouldn't be a good money maker.
  9. by   Super_Guy77

    I've ordered from Paraflexmed.com about once a month for the last 4 months or so. They have always been great to me in terms of customer service and the products they have sent me. I order general supplies from them like bandage scissors and thermometers, but I've also ordered shoes from them in the past (I got my pair of Dansko's from them and THEY ARE GREAT!! After 12 hours on my feet I am still feeling great...they support my back and my feet aren't sore at all!) I have nothing but praise for them as a company.

  10. by   RainbowSkye
    Charlie and Bob:
    Do y'all work for Paraflexmed??? This kind of advertising makes me very uncomfortable, and I pretty much never order from sites who do this. Thought you might want to know that you might be shooting yourselves in the foot.
  11. by   RainbowSkye
    Should that have been feet?
  12. by   Super_Guy77
    Ha! No sorry...just giving out some info...and yes it should have been feet

    -- Bob
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  14. by   Charlie3200

    well 93% of nurses are women (or something like that)...so thats only 7% of the market i guess if they had a men's section.