Where can I buy hip and stylish scrubs??

  1. Does anybody know of a website or a store in the San Francisco Bay Area that sells hip, stylish scrubs? Do they sell any of stretch pants, sweats or yoga pants material? I am tired of these oversized scrubs. Why do the scrubs have to be so wide and baggy even for a small??? The pants are either wide baggy drawstrings or dorky waist band pants.
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  3. by   SC RN
    Dickie's makes some awesome new pants ... you can order them online at various sites ... look for dickies flare leg pants. They have s a little elastic in the back and a drawstring front with two pockets on the hip. They don't flare too much but have a side slit that makes them look a lot more fashionable at the bottom. And they are comfy!!!

    I feel for you looking for scrubs ... I'm a clothes junkie and I hate the boring baggy scrubs on my petite frame. Hope you find something that looks great on you!
  4. by   nursbee04
    Wow.. I didn't think they made hip and stylish uniforms...

    Just kidding.
    Jasco has the flared pants. You can go to their site and request a free catalog.

    I have someone I know make a lot of my scrub tops.

    And SCRN is right, the Dickies pants are awesome! They are so soft and comfortable! I love the little slit in the leg...
  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    There is a thread already on uniforms with more sites to check out. Just do a search.