When Will The Media Stop Portraying Nurses as Sexy Hand Maidens???

  1. As a Hispanic nurse who is fluent in both Spanish and English I enjoy watching Univision and the Saturday Night Program "Sabado Gigante". However as a nurse I was very offended by the way an office nurse was portrayed in one of their comedy skits. She had on a very tight white satin uniform that was thigh length with a zipper down the front which exposed a great deal of cleavage. The patient and doctor were both males and nearly dropped their teeth when she bent down which was part of the comedy skit.
    I usually love "Sabado Gigante" and Don Francisco, but this skit really rubbed me wrong way. We are professionals who enter the nursing profession because we want to heal the sick and I'm so tired of seeing stupid skits like this which is demeaning to nurses everywhere. The show is taped in Miami and if there are any nurses out there who live in Miami and are familiar with the show, please PM the address of the studio to me so that I can write them a letter in Spanish regarding this offensive skit.. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
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  3. by   cursenurse
    i would advise you to go to www.nursingadvocacy.org. they know exactly what to do about handling that.
  4. by   Alpha13
    don't let this stuff get to you, otherwise you'll be getting upset very often!