when stepping forward cuts you off - vent

  1. Went to a job fair today, in one of the hardest hit sections of the country. They told new grads to come later - maybe not for the benefit of the new grads, but for the recruiters so they wouldn't have to be deluged... you couldn't even park later.

    So - graduating and getting your license means you can't work as a tech - but the few new grads being hired are those who worked as techs.

    And getting a out of hospital job - part-time, office, homecare, immunizations - you can't participate in a lot of the nurse internship programs for new grads, because, hey you aren't a new grad any more, even though you are as far as hospital care goes... But if you don't take anything, you hit your sell-by date...

    I'm actually contemplating taking a job far out of state - against my family's wishes, and against what's good for them, just so I can get a toehold anywhere and get the experience.

    This is just a vent - a lot of us are in the same boat - so screwed...two hundred applications out and not an interview from them...recruiters have told me the resume is good...

    How do you escape the automatic flush for new grads? And the through-connections interview I landed...was told "I don't know why we are interviewing you...we're not hiring new grads..."
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  3. by   mesa1979
    Where is this?
  4. by   BeckyMomof5
    Yes, where are you? If you don't mind living in rural southeast Arkansas, we have several RN positions open at local hospitals.
  5. by   birdgardner
    New Jersey