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I don't know if other people do this - but EVERY single time I have to give a subq/IM shot - i try about 4-5 times (point get, get close, withdraw without touching the skin) before I inject. If I... Read More

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    You're all crazy
    Yeah, we know... Well, I know it, anyway. Its nice to have finally found my people...
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    I absolutely hate when a patient has multiple IVPBs on the pole none of them are in a y-connector or capped; just blowing in the wind. I immediately SNATCH them all down and trash. Then if I have scheduled IVPBs, I start with fresh tubing for each one and make sure there is a means to keep said tubing sterile. Irks me to no end.
    What is with not capping the lines?? I even tape extra caps to the flush bags when I prep tham at night, but sometimes I feel like I am the only one to use them...
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    Quote from NurseCard
    I absolutely, positively, HAVE to have some sort of coffee or coffee drink prior to starting work, and I must drink it in the car on the way to work. Drinking it before leaving the house just will not do. When I worked only blocks from my house, I drank my drink after I arrived to work but it just wasn't the same. Now I work 30 minutes from home; all is well again. =)

    To follow that last paragraph... I must have no less than a 15 minute commute to work, or I just simply am not happy.
    Im the same way. I have an hour comute. My vice is getting an americano with soy when I leave. I just love sipping it the whole way. If im running late and dont get to, I feel out of sorts for the first few hours. My drive just isnt the same.

    My other "things",

    Beeping IV pumps. Who can ignore them, and why??????? Aaaahhhhh it drives me nuts. If the primary nurse is just siting there, I will huff into the room, fix it and tell them, "your pump was beeping, I fixed it" (get a clue)

    Lines that arent labeled. If ive got a million lines, I like to label one with a big sticker close to the site so its clear it can be uses in emergency.

    Alarming monitors. If your monitor keeps alarming the same thing and you know about, a) do something about it, or b) if your not going to do something, widen your limits. The silence button was made for a reason. I think its rude. There are others that work around you.

    When I put blankets or sheets on my patients, I fold them in half so they lie flat and neat. I cant stand when the sheet is in one layer and it rumples up everywhere.

    I like changing colostomy appliances. I dont know why. Maybe because everyone else doesnt do it right, if its leaking, they just paste more goop and pray for the best, instead of taking it down, scraping the goop off, prepping the skin and cutting it right the first time. I just really enjoy making an ostomy appliance fit nicely, lol.

    I also hate multiple IVPB for no reason. For most things, you can keep it attached to the secondary port and lower it to flush it and put the new bag up. Why do you need 10 different lines to reattach/disconect. It wastes time and and pain in my butt.

    Thats it for now, but I know I have a lot of neurotic behaviours.
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    I hate running IVPB on a primary line...it's sometimes difficult to prime without wasting these expensive and necessary meds!Most of my co-workers can't stand respiratory secretions....my killer: skin flakes! Nothing makes me want to retch like pulling off a pt's socks or pulling back covers and seeing corn flakes fly around....BLEH!Can't stand tangled lines/call light wires/dynamaps etc.And I can't stand that I just stood at my pt's bedside, asking if they needed anything else, and I leave to have the unit secretary call me less than 2 minutes later....and it's for pain med, ice, trip to potty...really? You didn't know that 2 minutes ago?And I get irritated when pt's think they are supposed to have their meds on the exact second they are due. I have 6 pt's, can't be in 6 rooms at once to give your 2200 meds at 2200....2215 not good enough, I guess. Happened just the other night...still sore I guess But, with all that, I have a great poker face and demeanor...they never know I'm irritated. I'm sweet nursery-nurse at the bedside! Love my co-workers, we all let each other vent.
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    What a bunch of.................
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    my hospital job is in administation now so i don't get too much hands on... but i'm not above helping my nurses if they need it when i float on by... one thing i can't stand is a messy tray table. I have even stopped unsolicited into a patient's room because their tray was full of trash and disarrayed papers and half drank soda cans
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    I'm compulsive about being early. If I run in to work at the minute the shift starts I feel out of sorts for the whole first hour, even if not busy.
    If I have to perform a painful procedure on a newborn I feel like I must pick them up and give them a cuddle afterwards - don't know if it helps them but it makes me feel better.
  8. by   kool-aide, RN
    This is the perfect thread for me, I'm super strange:

    1. I must untangle the dynamap before I start taking v/s.

    2. I must clean the dynamap with sani-wipes before I start v/s.

    3 I must clean the dynamap after it was used on a pt in isolation.

    4. I must erase the white board in each of my pt's rooms and write the date, my name and title, and the nurses name in title in the color of ink of my pen, and in my handwriting. So, if the date and names are already up there, I'll erase the whole board and start over.

    5. I must have all my "nursing gear" in specific pockets on my scrubs.

    6. I must have all isolation carts in my hall stocked with gowns and gloves and free of trash and unneeded debris.

    7. I must drain all urine out of the foley tubing before I empty it, which proves to be difficult sometimes. lol

    8. I must carry white-out tape with me in my top scrub pocket so if I make a mistake on my clipboard when getting report or recording something, I can immediately fix it.

    9. I must stock the blanket warmer for the next shift.

    10. I must clean and stock the unit kitchen for the next shift.

    11. I must replace the EKG paper in the printers for the next shift.

    12. I must clean the pt's tray table and remove garbage and the thousands of med cups that litter it.

    Can't think of any more for now, but I'm sure there ARE many more… LOL

    Man, I have issues. lol