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whats the best job in healthcare? chief nursing officer? crna? ER doc? rad tech? pharmacist? dentist? the best job would include a balance between: -working conditions - income -... Read More

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    Well, what is "serious" in the ER of a Level 1 Trauma Center in the States and what is "serious" 45 miles off the coast of a third world country are two different things. LOL

    We have everything from dengue fever, lots of skin MRSA (incision and draining abscesses), the routine upper respiratory viruses that run rampant through the rig, etc, etc, etc. Not as much trauma as most people who are not in the oil business seem to think. There is a lot of emphasis on safety. We also do food safety, potable water testing, first aid training, vaccinations, etc.

    RigMedic - i sent you a PM, i have a few questions to ask you about being a rig medic, thanks