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  1. by   ParrotHeadRN
    I just left a magnet hospital more than an hour away from me to work in a little hospital less than 15 minutes away. I found nurses no more happy at the magnet hospital than I have anywhere else. The complaints are always the same. And, the interesting thing is, I was sure I would take a pay cut at the new hospital but was willing to suck it up because I just can't do that drive anymore. BUT, I'll only be starting out $0.29 less than what I was making before and when I'm finished with orientation, I'll be making more!!! The shift diff is less than at the larger facility, but that will even out when I'm not putting $75-100 in the gas tank each week.

    I know there are nurses who have had great experience with magnet facilities and I am glad that's true. However, my experience with magnet is that it's just a bunch of paperwork that has to be filled out and everyone rushes around trying make things better, just like before JCAHO visits. They have LOADS of meetings with staff and actually put the answers to the questions we will be asked in the bathrooms and the breakroom. If they feel they need to do that, then I feel it's pretty much a joke. Just a way to get more "customers." "Look how good we are, we're a magnet hospital!" It's also a way to attract more nurses. Let's not try to keep the nurses we have with things like retention bonuses and better pay and benefits, etc. Let's pull in new nurses and give THEM sign-on bonuses because we can pay them less!

    I know I sound pretty cynical about it all, and I am. I mean COME ON. The ANCC approves it and one of the things they look for are certifications. Certifications that WE pay THEM lots of money to take!! Sometimes I think people really believe nurses are brain damaged.


    PS I am not bashing certifications, I'm trying for one myself. I'm just saying........