What would you do?

  1. at 68% not crossing the picket line you have a chance.
    It is a managerial tactic to divide and conquor.
    I belonged to the ITU #18 (International Typographical Union) the first union in this country.
    Then Gannett came in and literaly wiped us out through firing or whatever means.
    That is why I became a nurse to help these dudes walking around downtow Detroit licking their mustaches and looking up in the sky.
    The 'good ol' boy' system will always be around; the job will require more and more time and energy and the patient will suffer in the end.
    I was recently hospitalized for a pneumo. (rt)
    I hit the local mini trauma and allowed the third year resident to insert the chest tube in the wrong place.
    So I was transported to the mother ship, where they reinserted the chest tube properly then attached me to a rubber hose which extended 10' from the wall and there I sat being visited once a shift and several times never by any staff member.
    I won't go on because nobody would care not you, not them, nobody but my family, all of whom asked me to stay so I did.
    It apperas the crisis is already in place, as I hear so many stories of total terror as they ask how can we help.
    To me I will ask you a question;
    When and HOW are you going to retire from being a Registered Nurse, because if there is an "I no longer care" switch I need be led to it because to care starts with being secure of self and if a situation becomes unbearable, pack yur bags and don't hesitate to leave them with thei mouthes shouting all of the bad things that would happen to you if you left.
    Things that you in your robotized state complied with.
    There are no spies, we ARE ALL (DOCS TOO) IN THIS TOGETHER!
    It is a serious problem that must be checked now.
    When I began nursing my job was to go over doctors orders and red flag all the mistakes. (midnight nursing was all I could tolerate near the end, and they no longer do any of that it is all screened by novice on a screen like this before "Print" is hit.

    "Blessed are those who expect nothing,
    . . . For they shall not be disappointed."
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