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  1. Hello! I am a currently in my first year as a new grad nurse ( in ICU 😯). I've always known I wanted to go back to school and am loving the experience I'm getting in ICU but don't know how I feel anymore about being a NP in ICU/ED as I originally planned. I absolutely love travel more than anything but also don't have much of a desire to travel nurse, at least not long term. I might want to go the Professor route after getting my NP, but I wanted to ask you all about my choices. Is there any sort of nursing based career that allows me to travel for work? I'm talking like a few days here and there per month, not months at a time. I don't think I want to stay at the bedside for the rest of my life, and am interested in furthering my education in the future.
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    My friend travels for work. She works for the state and I have seen a lot of their rn positions require travel including overnight. They do not have np positions like that here that I am aware of. She evaluates individuals for resources so she is nit involved in direct patient care.