What should I do?

  1. CNA and UC are still in contract negotiations, and CNA has give the University a 10 day notice that they intend to hold a 1-day strike.

    Here's my dilema:

    The legal part: CNA claims this is legal, and the University can't do anything to us if we walk. The University is claiming the exact opposite--that it's an illegal strike and they can discipline (up to terminating) us if we go out.

    The personal part: I have always believed that I could not let the patients suffer because the University and the Union were being buttheads, and that if it came down to it, I would work.

    I am mad at the University; I believe I am being "mobbed" into early retirement by my 2 immediate bosses, and I think upper management, nursing and University, treats us all like dirt--totally expendable.

    I think the negotiations turn into a pi**ing contest, with the human resource negotiators AND the union negotiators haivng a contest to see who has the most power. They care way more about their own personnal "toughness" reputations than they do about the nurses or the patients.

    I have changed my mind more than once about whether to go out or not. I am 5 weeks! from retirement, so whatever happens will have only a minor impact on me personally (unless we ARE disciplined), so if I walk, my purpose would be to have an impact on future nurses.

    I am also under a LOT of peer pressure to walk--and the respect and friendship of my fellow nurses is VERY important to me. Strength in numbers and solidarity, etc.

    But the picture that keeps coming back to me is those babies in the incubators, and their moms.

    I feel SO torn!! I'm asking for your help/opinions. Thanks.

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