What shall I do?

  1. I sympathize. Used to have a supervisor who would go head to head and toe to toe with any doctor who abused her nurses. Miss her. Most recently, our hospital's most effective method, and this was only because moral was low, staff low, etc., was for each incident to be written up and turned in to unit director, Director of Nurses, and Hospital Administrator. None had been very good at responding to nurses' complaints, but as staff flew the coop, and doctor's were cited by all of us, Director of Nursing increasingly called doctor's to her office and laid it on the line about harrassment, rudeness, gossip, etc. At the time I retired, medical staff was improving, but in this town, where our hosp. is struggling to survive, administration might sanction, but not stop a doctor's practice at our hospital; afraid the doc would limit practice to other hospital.

    We are learning to care for ourselves, also. Simply and calmly state, as he raves, "let us discuss this in private", let us discuss this as adults", and turn and leave., "when you are calm I will discuss this with you", and walk away. All coworkers present also leave so he has no audience. But do walk away from the abuse and put it in writing. Never act afraid or let them see you cry. Remain calm on the outside. Some coworkers were able to confront and say " your behavior is inappropriate". Age old problem, Good Luck!! and don't let it force you out. We need male nurses, and most patient's realize when the doctor is being a jerk.
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