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We hear all of this news about nursing shortages affecting all states, and all areas of nursing. There are literally hundreds of open nursing positions in my geographical area. So, why is it that I... Read More

  1. by   swanganz
    I agree with the post from llg. When I signed on with our facility i saw that in action. Many of the people that were hired around the same time that I was left after fulfilling their time requirement to keep the sign on bonus. Many hours and dollars went into orientation and precepting these people. Yes we were all told the same story that upon graduation...we could "name our price" This is simply not the case. I still believe that we are very much needed. Perhaps what some people are experiencing is that certain areas of nursing may have a greater need.
  2. by   swanganz
    No but if you do find out let me know too! It is very difficult to manage time and care for your family with limited shifts available. PRN may help ease the strain a little which is what I did. I still somehow manage to sign up for days in which family activities fall because our schedule is required to be filled out 6 weeks in advance. I haven't been able to forecast the future to that accuracy yet