what it takes to be a CNA

  1. Hey guys, I just finished my first semester in nursing school and was looking to try to get a job at the hospital. I was wondering what the requirements are for a CRNA. I know alot of my classmates have gotten jobs and say they are CRNA's, but don't you have to take a test or something to be certified for the job? I need all the input I can get! Thanks yall
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  3. by   eak16
    there is a big difference between CRNA's- nurse anesthetists, and CNA's- nursing assistant. I think you mean CNA's. That completely varies by state. Ask your school of nursing or go on the board of nursing website for your state
  4. by   tsu_girl82
    whoops-thanks for correcting it. I was looking at the CRNA page and had it stuck in my head. I meant nursing assistant..I think I have being scatterbrained down perfect!