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Dear fellow nurses! If it is ok with you, please specify the hospital and its location and the usual nurse-patient ratio in your unit where you are presently working. This may serve as an... Read More

  1. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I work at a Level I Trauma center in the cardiac PCU. 4 patient load, day and night shift. I absolutely love it here because my nurse mgr will close beds rather than increase the assignment.
  2. by   RN NascarFan
    Quote from crb613
    I hear ya!!! I thought we worked in the same place until I saw you were from Ga!

    Ditto...........Upstate NY here
  3. by   incublissRN
    I'm from Indiana and I work on a cardiovascular thoracic recovery unit in a teaching hospital. The open hearts are usually 1:1 until extubated. Typical assignment is 2:1 but that depends on acuity (CVVHD, IABP, VAD, etc.)
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  4. by   midnightRN
    On the med/surg floors we have up to 6 on days and pms, then up to eight or nine (rare, but possible) on nights. In the ER we have 12 rooms and typically 2 RNS, a tech, and a triage nurse if it's really busy. ICU will have 1 or 2 ICU patients, or up to four telemetry beds; they can mix and match ICU and tele, but if they have a high acuity pt., they can over-ride for more staff. OB has thier own staffing grid based on labors and mom-baby. I still need the grid to figure out it out. I work at a small rural hospital in Wisconsin.
  5. by   extreme
    Thanks a lot for sharing those informations.