What is your net take home pay every two weeks? - page 5

I have read many posts regarding pay rates. However, once deductions and such have been taken out, what are you left with post tax, benefits, etc. Can you tell me the state or province you are in... Read More

  1. by   MPHkatie
    People really are making more than I am. Ugh. I bring home about 1,200 q 2 weeks with no OT. Now, i normally work OT because we are paid double time, and even though I now gross an enormous amount of cash, I take home about 1600. But, I do usually get an enormous tax refund so, i can wait for it. My cost of living is also really not very much. For instance my last power bill for an entire month was 45.00
  2. by   MPHkatie
    I do have 300.00 USD taken out of my check every two weeks for my very exciting tiaa cref retirement account. so I guess without the retirement savings my 1600 would almost be 1900- I almost feel better now.
  3. by   ubcnme
    Take home every two weeks is 966.00 and this is with 3 exemptions. I'll have to change it back to 1 soon for the last six months of this year so I get SOMETHING back on my taxes and don't have to pay. Community health just doesn't pay...and this is with a new wage scale after a new union contract!
  4. by   MPHkatie
    Pardon my ignorance here, but I thought the exemptions allowed you to keep more of your take home pay? What am I missing here.