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  1. Hi all!!!

    I am a nursing student who is currently enrolled in a Masters of Nursing program (MN) it is a little different than an MSN which prepares you to be a NP. My masters will prepare me for teaching and management eventually, after I get a few years experience, well I should say quite a few years, but its accelerated and I will graduate next AUG. (2006). I am so excited!!

    ANYWAY....I am thinking about what I would like to specialize in. In my program you do get experience in all of the clincial areas but in our last semester we get to choose a specialty area that we would like to do some advanced learning in. The three adv studies we are allowed to take our last semester are clinicals in: pediatrics, womens health or psychiatric.

    Any pros or cons in these three fields would be appreciated, i am kind of leaning towards pediatrics but im not sure how i will handle seeing extremely sick children on a daily basis. I recently worked in a LTCF for my CNA clinical and it was heart wrenching! I felt so bad but in a way I felt good that maybe I could make someones day a little brighter. Anway...any imput on other specialties are also welcome as I dont have to stick with either of those three, cardiac? orthapedic? school nurse? I want to hear from everyone!!
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