What is the Hesi Test? What do I use to study for it?

  1. Hello everyone, I hope that someone here can help me. I have been a LPN for 3 yrs and recently decided to go back for my RN. I was looking over the web site for the college where I am relocating to at the end of the month and it has a section for LPNs that states we can challenge semesters I & II. The site suggest that we study for the "Hesi test" if we intend to challenge either. I certianly want to challenge both but I haven't received replies to my emails so I am asking here . . . what is the Hesi test and how do I prep for it? Would a NCLEX book work? Thanks so much for any input.
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  3. by   nursehottie
    It's a test that covers nursing material. A lot of schools use this test as an exit test. You have to pass to graduate.

    If you go to the website, www.hesitest.com , you can order a study book. I think it's about $70.

    We just had to take it, and out of my class 10 people failed. So, they have 2 more tries to take it.

    I barely passed. I think it's worded kinda odd. But, b/c you're already an LPN, it should be easier for you.
  4. by   DirtRoads
    Thank you. Does anyone know if the supplies to study are only available through this site?
  5. by   talullah
    Hi! I am a nursing student and have already taken an intermin HESI test. It is supposed to prepare you for NCLEX. If you study for NCLEX, you should do fine on HESI. Good luck!
  6. by   DirtRoads
    Thanks a bunch . . . I was curious because I know I can get a NCLEX study guide cheaper! lol and I am pinching pennies to move back home!
  7. by   MYK19
    There is a HESI study guide book out there, I dont know the exact name, but one of my classmates has one, I didn't even know it existed, Check it out