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Once a DON asked me to define PROFESSIONALISM,and I really had to fake a definition for her. Currently I work with a collegue whom I really respect that uses the term not infrequently.This has caused... Read More

  1. by   debmsn01
    Professionalism is being proud of your career & doing it to the best of your ability, while also being responsible for what you are in charge of. Making the time & effort to keep abreast of the current technology & treatments we are using. Promoting safety in our work & in our staffing, both for our patients & ourselves. Professionalism also means that you will mentor new members of the profession or new members to your facility, to help them grow as members of this noble profession each learning from the other as they exchange information. As a nurse of 23 years & now a nursing educator, I cannot beleive how unprofessional some of us act, to our patients, peers, administrators to employees & vice versa. Because we cannot forget the old contentions between which of us is better educated or trained, we however will never be viewed as a profession by others.
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    Professionalism: Being able to use all the brain power you have, and by not being too snobbish to realize you can learn from all the brain power around you. Acting the role, and not just talking it. Counting more on your common sense -- that is if it has matured along with you as you grew into a responsible, accountable adult -- than counting on simply textbook knowledge to get you through each day on the job, or in your personal life for that matter. Knowing when to speak and when to be silent and listen to those who are "more seasoned and experienced than you!" Knowing when to trust your gut instincts and when to let them go as simply "emotions riding high" at that given moment. Having belief in yourself and in what you learn, taking that knowledge and applying it when needed, and not being afraid to step back, learn, listen, and let others who wish to brain storm with you help you in your efforts to reach a "professional" decision in regards to a patient's health, or a peer employee conflict, etc. PROfessionalism is being FOR that which calls for maturity, critical thinking, sensitivity to the situation being dealt with while being mature enough to leave any "shananigans" out of it all! :zzzzz
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    Originally posted by mario_ragucci

    Florence Nightingale is okay in my book. I've been reading about her. Back in her day, there was alot more suffering going on, and things were very different. Indeed. Nurses probably didn't think about professionalism much. It sounds more like a word born out of the industrial era. Remember, it wasn't but a hundred years ago, or so, that folks started to get down with electricity!
    Yall probably know this, but I just recently found out, when George Washington was ill, in his later years, they bled him. When he didn't get better, they bled him again, then he died. Thats cruel. Did anyone ever get better when they bled them?

    Flo was cool...may she R.I.P.

    THEY BLED THE FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY? I am shocked! Shocked I tell ya! What was the world coming to those days?
    I did not know about this.

    If history proves me correct... I think people died after they were bled.
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    Originally posted by micro

    I know is there in nurse practice acts.....I like susy K's take.....

    here is mine.......we were big alphabet people growin up...bear with me.....

    P professionalism(oops, that was the ?)
    R respect to all, patients, coworkers, even dr.'s
    O open communication with cowork. and super.
    F fun, well humour.....laughter is best med
    E ethical and equal treatment for all patients...
    S science---use the current med knowledge at hd.
    S science---(cont.)keep yourself updated and educ
    I intelligence---use your basic int. common sense
    O oh, oh, it is an O again.............
    N nice, smile, don't be a butthead...life too short
    A anal retentive/not
    L lighten up, you need it, your patients need it
    I I said take yourself very lightly, work seriously
    S sheez, louise.......enough already
    M micro take on professionalism.....done


    LATER ALL, micro