What is meant by floor nursing?

  1. Can someone please clarify what is meant by floor nursing? I am new to nursing school and am told to do floor nursing for a year to gain experience.

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    it's working at the bedside:
    providing 1:1 care to an assignment of patients.
    best of everything to you!

  4. by   hikernurse
    It usually means working on a hospital unit such as med/surg, etc. It helps you learn time management and how to work with patients with a variety of ailments as well as other staff. It is a good way to learn, but depending on where you want to end up, some ICUs, EDs, etc. will hire you straight out of school and orient you to that unit.

    Another option is to work as a CNA or LPN during school and that will help you learn to prioritize care with a number of patients as well.