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I was wondering if anyone knows what is considered the most risky,dangerous as well the painful surgery? I'm going over my notes for the NCLEX and I keep running into all those contraindications for... Read More

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    The obesity is quite a comorbidity. Some end up having respiratory issues. Healing can be a concern based on diet. Anastamotic leaks are awful as well, not to mention bleeding. Our bariatric surgeons are also very good, we've seen less complications over the years, but the patients being the type they are set them up for more issues.

    I agree that patients who are obsese are at the higher risk for complication,not only due to respiratory problems but also from the technical point of view....Then you got your COPD patients who might not tolerate general anesthesia well but can be given epidural shot and of course people on different types of meds and with present infections.I guess the anasthesia is the big one.