What is considered a community hospital?

  1. Someone asked me if I worked at a community hospital and I didn't know how to answer ...

    So, what is a community hospital? Is that a level 3 trauma centre?
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  3. by   RNperdiem
    Go to the hospital on a Saturday night. The fewer services available, the more likely it is to be a community hospital.
    I worked at one that had "community hospital" in it's name.
    The pharmacist locked up the pharmacy at 10pm and left.
    There was 2 security guards, one housekeeper, and one house supervisor. There was one doctor in the ED available to cover emergencies. All the weekend night nurses knew each other.
    I now work in a large level 1 trauma center, so I know each end of the spectrum.
  4. by   CheyRN
    Community hospitals are usually small and provide care to a rural area an hour or more away from a Level II trauma center. I worked in one that was 24 beds and NOT JCAHO/Joint Commision certified. It was not because of inferior care, but the physical structure was so old that it no longer met the criteria that the Joint Commision deemed acceptable for acute care facilities. The pharmacy locked up at 2100 and the charge nurse was responsible for the ER, should there be any ER needs that night (usually not). IF an emergency came in, we had to call the emergency doc and get him in to see the Pt. (took about 5 mins to get him in the building). If an X-ray or lab was needed, they also had to be called in. I absolutely loved working there, it was the best contract I ever accepted.