what is a buffalo cap?

  1. I am reading about postpartal management re: preeclampsia-eclampsia and there is mention of nursing care to DC buffalo cap if present

    what is a buffalo cap? (I checked Google and get a variety of other topics about buffalo items)
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  3. by   styRN
    Buffalo cap = Heparin/saline lock. Also called buff-caps, I believe it originally referred to a brand name of locks.
  4. by   muffie
    oh wow
  5. by   Nursonegreat
    when i worked in denver,co they were called BuffCaps...i was like what is a buff cap. they said, its a buffalo cap. i said ok, what is a buffalo cap. they said its a hep trap. i said why buffalo cap. they said they thought it was cause they were invented in buffalo. ok i am from buffalo and went to a school of nursing in buffalo and i never heard it called a buffcap. so i have no idea where it came from. we call em traps, hep traps, saline locks. go figure
  6. by   michellemybelle
    I go to school in Denver. These are called "buffalo caps" or "buff caps" because they were created here at University of Colorado Medical Center. The University's mascot is the buffalo.

    Hope that clears it up!

  7. by   GingerSue
    thanks for the explanations

    I will never forget them.
  8. by   WhiteLily
    Thank you all, for the questions and for the answers. It's nice to know why things are called the way they are.
  9. by   Lily79
    This is so funny because I was just talking to a coworker the other day about this. She is from Colorado, and they called them "buffalo caps" there. I'm in Michigan now, and when someone was talking about a saline lock, I never knew what they were saying. I'm from Texas and we called them INTs there.
  10. by   Chewie_123
    I went to school/did clinicals up in Denver, and we called them buff caps. I get a job in Colorado Springs (60ish miles south) and no one knew what a buff cap was cause its a saline/hep lock down here. It was a bit confusing for the first shift or two...