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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   hup143
    Child you were there when I need you:

    You visited me when I am sick

    You cloth me when I am bare

    You feed me when I am hungry

    You give me water when I am thirsty

    So...God gives a special place for NURSES...and that's why I love nursing.
  2. by   FritoPie

    I have three children. My youngest, an infant, is at a daycare I am not happy with. The only childcare facilities I am even slightly interested in have waiting lists at least a year long. SO, I changed jobs - will soon only be working weekends and will keep my baby at home with me during the week.

    Being able to do this for my family has lifted a huge weight of worry from my husband and myself. What a blessing it is to have a career with so many possibilities. I feel for parents out there who are at the mercy of their daycare and do not have the options that my career in nursing has given me.

    The best of both worlds: I am making a full-time income, staying home with kids during the week, and on top of it all - I am saving over $1000 a month on daycare costs!! Not only that - I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!!
  3. by   AznMurse
    To give comfort to those who are not just ill but outside of their usual comfort zone (own bed, home, etc.).
    To be able to be there and acknowledge what the patient is going through and doing something about it.
    To be able to see them smile back at me each time I start my shift...I always start it with a smile.
  4. by   Longhorn Mama
    what i love best about being a nurse is that it is impossible not to believe in god or some higher presence when you have been part of the beginning of life, or the end of life as the case may be. either is an honor for me.
  5. by   bloomingdawn
    it sounds everyone loves their work as a nurse. and that is great. keep on loving nurse as professional. will you feel the same if you are in a hospital which was not a nurse sit as nurse director? then what?? you will arrange to make difference, a new concept in that hospital. i was there with planning to renew the system, but....rejected. so my nurse director was not a nurse at all, and unfortunately it still happen until now. poor me
  6. by   Filine
    I love my job because...
    - I really can make a difference for another huming being, sometimes it's so small you barely even notice like a hand on a shoulder, the other day it's something as profound as saving a life
    - You can forever grow as a professional
    - It makes me realize how blessed I am in my own life
    - I feel privileged to be a part so many important moments in people's lives, the happy and the sad
    - There's not one day the same as the previous one, each day holds something new or different
    - I never look at the clock to see if I can finally go home
    - It helps you grow as a person and acquire knowledge and lifelessons that otherwise you wouldn't

    I probably could go on and on
  7. by   1MOM2RN
    what a wonderful, wonderful thread. like several others have mentioned, the other threads around here can be very discouraging to a nursing student. this is definitely the right place to bring these concerns and share with those who understand. but for a soon-to-be-nurse, it can be very scary. so ... this thread has been just a pleasure to read, and i wish i could thank each and every one of you personally! you have all, in your own words, stated the reasons that i am becoming a nurse at 40, after a long career in corporate america. i could start by listing all the things nursing is not that my old career was, and that alone could be why i love nursing!

    but i especially want to echo lfulton2002's sentiments about the flexibility. i have said those very words - "best of both worlds" - many times! i also describe it as "having my cake and eating it, too"! we have 4 children. in addition to nursing school (evenings), i work a weekend baylor shift as an lna (cna). when i graduate, my goal is to work 3 12-hour weekend shifts (i am sure other nurses will be glad to share their required weekends with me) and even with all this, i am still a stay at home mom! what a blessing!

    despite the struggle that these past 4 years have been, i feel like being in nursing school has been a priviledge, and i look forward to feeling the same way about my new career.
  8. by   Great_Nurse2b
    I think the thing i love most about nursing is being able to meet all different kinds of people from diverse places, pasts, etc.
  9. by   nursetrish
    The abjility to be an advocate for those who are not able to speak for themselves.

    The ability to educate patients and their as to their disease process and help them through a difficult experience.

  10. by   wackyj2000
    I will have to agree, this posting is very positive, and not all of this forum is positive at times,and can be discouraging.. although i do think its a great place where nurses can vent and talk to eachother about everyday issues in the work environment!! I am graduating next year < lets keep our fingers crossed> and i have been on this forum for quite sometime now, but ive also been a nursing assistant for 2 yrs, so i know what im getting myself into, and I love taking care of people although it may be stressful at times, nursing is a rewarding and meaningful job.. we are the epitomy of health care!! The thankyous and the smiles will never get old to me- i love interacting with my patients and meeting new people!
  11. by   lujological
    you all have stated some of the same things I feel but i guess the most important to me is It has forced me to continue learning and not allowed me to get stagnent,I have seen many,many changes over my 35 years of nursing.It has Never been boring!!I have never wished even on my worst day to leave nursing.I have changed type of nursing till I found my place in geriatrics.We all have that special place where we can excel in nursing which is another reason I love it.there also is no replacement for the feeling you get when my resident tells me Boy did I miss your smiling face while you were off.I also have great co workers and other professionals to work with.In general it is a great overall profession to be in even with it's problems.thanks for having this upbeat thread
  12. by   BeachBayNurse
    What I love about nursing is.... I absolutely adore 90% of my collegues. I don't think any other career has some of the characters that nursing does! My floor works as a great team, keeps each other laughing the whole shift and sticks up for each other when we need it. The other 10% that I don't so much adore, the majority rule of the other 90% keeps their attitudes in check .
  13. by   reinzzz
    well its great to be a nurse...