What I learned from becoming a nurse...:)

  1. [FONT=lucida grande]Hello fellow nurses! I love my job and am so happy for it, but it is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm so fortunate to have the job I have and I regret all the times when I was a CNA I thought to myself "look at that nurse sitting there, stuffing her face, not doing anything!" Now I know that nurse was sitting there when she really wanted to being doing a treatment, while the pt down the hall has been asking for Milk of magnesia for constipation, but another pt had a fall so the nurse had to stop her medpass to call the family and wait for the doctor to call back, so she's charting the incident while she waits for the call. She knows she won't get a lunch break so she breaks out her turkey sandwhich to eat while she fills out the paperwork because she is a multitasker [FONT=lucida grande] haha!!!
    So basically I learned the nurse is one fierce chickadee. Just thought I would share
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  3. by   Tina, RN
    Love it!!

  4. by   LifeCrisis
    lol, I hope that wasn't really your perspective as a CNA and you are embellishing a little. So many CNA act like that in my work place I can't stand it. Fortunately the 2 full time CNA on my floor are hard workers so I don't have to deal with it too much. But when they are off and we get floater replacements, I just do their job too because they can't be bothered since they think the nurse has nothing to do.

    I rather take up my break time then try to battle with a bitter person.
  5. by   JmarLPN
    Yes I was embellishing a tad bit. I knew nurses worked hard, but you never know just how hard until you're a nurse too. I just wanted to give all nurses a big shout out because this is not an easy field.
  6. by   kbrn2002
    Thank you! I too started my career as a CNA, and thought nurses had it easy...boy were we wrong! Both jobs are hard, back breaking and occasionally heart breaking so a big shout out right back to all you CNA's that read this. Trust me, your nurses couldn't do their jobs without you.