What do you think of Kaplan College?

  1. Hi everybody! I have been accepted to Kaplan college in San Diego for the 20 month ADN program starting in September. Before I make this committment, I am wondering if anyone has any opinions or experience with Kaplan. Where do they do their clinicals? Are they as good as other schools? Has anyone gone to Kaplan or are currently a student. Have you been able to get a job after completing school? Any info or advice would be really appreciated. I just want to make sure that I am making the right decision. I have two kids and I really want to get my education done so I can start working. I know it is a lot of money. I am in a position to have some family help with tuition, so I won't have student loans for the rest of my life. Thanks so much for your responses!
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  3. by   45whenimdone
    First and foremost, I would think to question whether they are an accredited college. (and even if the school SAYS they are, ALWAYS CHECK for yourself!!) I would hate for you to spend all that money and time, come to find out in the end that you cannot sit for the boards. I think you can call the State Boards and ask them, or look on line to see.
    good luck

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  4. by   libbyjeanne
    "First and foremost, I would think to question whether they are an accredited college. (and even if the school SAYS they are, ALWAYS CHECK for yourself!!)"

    The accreditation that you want your nursing program to have should be by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. This means that they are nationally accredited and nationally recognized as a respectable nursing program.
  5. by   Orca
    A quick search showed that Kaplan College is not accredited by the NLNAC. I tried using the college name alone, then tried the college name and the state of California. Both came back with no results.
  6. by   daved
    I understand your concerns, for sure. I started the ADN program at Kaplan College in San Diego just last month in May 2009, the 20 month program geared for RN. From my research, Kaplan is accredited by the Cal Nursing Board, which allows you to take the N-CLEX exam after graduation. I am a mid-life person making a career change, I was laid off from my former job six months ago. I think it is a good program at a good school, it was the accelerated format that helped my decide to invest the money and go with Kaplan......Good Luck....DaveD
  7. by   Rachelsoon2bRN
    Thanks for the responses. It is accredited with the state so that we would be eligible to take the nclex. The general ed classes are not accepted by other schools. However, University of Phoenix does accept them for their bachelors program. DaveD, how do you like the program so far? Does it seem organized? Have you started any clinicals yet? What is your schedule? Are the teachers good? Sorry so many questions. I seem to find a lot of people who want to go there, but none that actually have. I took a cna class there from Feb-April. I just want to make the right decision before investing time and money. Thanks!
  8. by   Calicutie
    Hi, I'm a current Kaplan student in my fourth semester and I regret my decision to go there everyday. When I made the decision to go there I found this website as one of the few to offer information and feedback. Since most of it was positive, I made the decision to go there. That's why I feel it's important to come back here and post so potential students can know both sides of the story. I transfered all of my GE's and prereqs so I started in the second semester last fall. The first two semesters were tough but do-able and I ended up w/ a 3.5. The only real complaint I have about the first two semesters is the general disorganization. They frequently make last minute changes (to the schedule, classrooms etc) and it can get frustrating. This semester however has been insane. I took my final the other day and failed along w/ over 50% of my class. The class I'm refering to is a 5 unit class that's usually (at any other nursing school) taught in 16 weeks but they are cramming it into 8. This is an insane amount of material for any instructor to cover but then they have an inexperienced one teaching it. Not only that but she's sarcastic and down-right mean at times. They have awknowleged that it's an issue and several complaints have been made but nothing has changed. I now have the option to pay (another $4k) to retake or walk away w/ nothing but a huge amount of debt. I'm retaking of course but w/ the same instructor and same course so wish me luck!

    I was in a position when I came to Kaplan where I was frustrated after applying to several schools for a year and a half. I had taken all my pre req's (which took two years because I have to work too). I decided to go there because I decided my time was worth it and every year I wasn't working as an RN I was losing around $30,000 anyways. So that's how I justified it but now I regret not waiting it out for a community college because at least they have their programs figured out and I could have saved at least $30,000. Another option you may want to look into is National...I've heard their program is a little longer, little more $$$ and you may have to wait a little bit to get in but you get your BSN. I wish I had at least checked them out before making my decision. Best of luck in your decision and education, whichever school you decide to go to. If you do lean towards Kaplan, I hope that by the time you get to where I'm at they have everything straightened out so no other students have to go through the hell we are going through (and then have to pay to do it all again). Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. by   thuynh1984
    I am trying to get into the RN program for Sept 2009. Can any of you tell me if I could get in the program through your experience beucase the anxiety is killing me? I sent all my paperwork in before the due date. My Teas score was 80 and wonder test was 25. I have a BS and completed all the pre-reqs. Do I get a call, a letter, or an email telling me if I am accepted into the program.
  10. by   Rachelsoon2bRN
    From my experience, you will get a call from your counselor and a letter. You will probably get the call first and then the letter. I'm not sure what all of their requirements are. It sounds like you would be a great candidate though. You did well on the tests. Do you have any experience? I know that is important to them. I took a cna class at the school back in February. Good luck! I know the wait is awful.
  11. by   thuynh1984
    I have 1 year as medical biller at a FSP mental health clinic and 2 years as hr in the same clinic ( I was a transulator too).

    I got a call to fill out enrollment papers but she said that Financial Aid will call me once I am accpeted.
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  12. by   CareteamRN70
    I do not attend Kaplan but attend a Nursing Program at Medtech College Indiana.
    They, like Kaplan, are accredited by the State of Indiana so i will be able to sit for the Nclex, but currently the school is not accredited on the national level. They have told us that since the program is new that they need to graduate a class before national accredation can be awarded. One of my and fellow students concerns are rumors we keep hearing that many hospitals and worksites in our area will not hire any MTC graduates due to the lack of accredation on the national level. You may want to call local hospitals in your area and ask if kaplan does clinicals there or do they hire kaplan graduates. I am hoping for the best and pray my school either gets accredited or that if i can not get hired after graduation its because of job shortages and not because of the school I dropped $40k on (yes,$40K for a 24 month program)
    At any rate I hope you find a program that works for you.