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Hi, I'm a newbie. -16, still a junior in HS- I am ignorant in knowing the many specialties in nursing. I'm only familiar with the baby unit, OR, ER, and uh...sorry to say, that's about it. I... Read More

  1. by   Audreyfay
    I am a diabetes educator - and also work as an RN in a telephone triage department. I tried almost everything. I enjoy this the most!
  2. by   Surgical Hrt RN
    I work in the Adult Surgical Heart Unit. We take care of patients straight out of the OR after openheart surgery. I have done this for several years and couldn't imagine anything else! I love the excitement, the fast pace, and the autonomy we have on my unit. I left for 6 months and then came back! I missed it WAY too much. The only type of nursing I have done is critical care. I worked in the trauma unit, that was pretty awesome, but I didn't like the neuro part of it. My hat is off to any nurse that works neuro...it's very hard! Good luck to you....you'll find your niche!