What do nurses do about nightshift childcare?

  1. Other than a spouse or a relative caring for children at night, how does one go about locating quality night-time child care?
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  3. by   THOMP974
    i would suggest looking for a high school or a college aged student that you know or someone else knows that likes to babysit. i used to do a lot of overnights babysitting for a nurse friend of my mom`s when i was in high school. i`d go over at 6:30pm and i`d get to leave when ever i got up the next day (the kids were 5 and 7) since she got back home around 7am. i got paid $40 each time. i know that this is how a few girls in my sorority got their extra spending money by doing overnight daycare. worked out well for everyone! just a thought. good luck!