What Constitutes a Telemetry Unit - page 2

Are there any guidelines for what constitutes a telemetry unit? I work on a 35 bed unit, 24 beds which are tele beds. Our nurse to patient ratio is up to 6:1 days, 9:1 eves, 10:1 nights. We feel... Read More

  1. by   swirlygirl
    Your ratios sound scary!! I work on a surgical/telemetry floor and our ratio is 1:5 on days and evenings, and 1:7 on nights. And that's only if the floor is full. And not all of our patients are on monitors!! I worked a general med/surg unit for 5 years before this current unit and we were considered the dumping ground for the hospital and our ratios were never 1:10. I would be spending my days off looking for a job before my license was jeopardized. Good luck!