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OK y'all. What COLOR was your student uniform? My first was blue :eek: , my second yellow :) and my third was a green and white pinstripe :D...all were dresses. How about you ? What... Read More

  1. by   amy
    My nsg school uniform was white pants, forest jewel tone green top, WHITE shoes and no cap. Yesterday? Eggplant top/pant. My favorites? Bright robin's egg/surf blue, tie-dye purple/pink/carribean/white top called watercolor looks like I stood in the rain and the colors ran, cream top/pnt with floral print in flannel by uniform advantage (its just like pj's!), neon mango top/pant, denim top/pant, lots of unique prints!!!

    oh!!! I almot forgot the aptch on the sleeve of our school uniform; never kept the tops, silly me the coor was nice, but keep the patch in a frame with my diploma. Nostalgia is a beautifil thing!
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  2. by   OzNurse69
    Pale blue dress with button-thru front, white collar and cuffs, white cap with navy stripes (one for every year of training) and a REVOLTING belt, same colour as the dress, with two buttons on the front to do it up. We used to just do up the loosest button even though we were supposed to do up both - pretty radical for a group of good Catholic girls!
  3. by   BBnurse34
    My school unform was a white top, white slacks and a white lab coat. We got called everything from"the good humor man" to Stayfull Marshmallow man. To revolt we started wearing undies with prints on them that shined through the slacks.We also could wear no jewelry or nail polish and our clothes had to be neatly pressed.
    Yesterday I wore a scrub top with frogs on it, nuclear green scrub pants, Kswiss tennies, metalic purple nail polish that needed to be touched up. My shirt had a betadine stain and my pants were rolled up because they need to be hemmed. So, I guess that school failed miserably in its attempt to make me look like a professional.
  4. by   Researchnurse
    Then: Light blue dress that had to be below the knee, with a white bib type apron same length. Flying Nun nurses cap.
    Today: black dress pants, shirt, and blue blazer (research nurse) with a white lab coat:
  5. by   Agnus
    Let's see 1969, I started an LPN program (didn't fininsh, Pregnant) Blue and white pinstripe pinafore, white blouse. Then 1973 started RN program (didn't finish, don't ask) this time it was a lavender dress with white pintucks on the front the bodice. Finally I got my act together and went back in 1998 for a LPN/RN program. This time we wore white. Style was left to the individual, with a student patch on our shoulder.

    Lets see, last day I worked I wore navy scrubs with a black warm up jacket of sunflowers.
  6. by   jingy
    My school uniform consisted of a navy blue dress with a mandarin collar and a one-piece apron fastened with studs.
    I almost hate to put this up here because it seems to be a most unpopular opinion, but I think some student uniforms were very pretty. The nursing school of the hospital where I was a candy striper (ca 1969) consisted of a dark blue gingham dress with five buttons on the sleeves, and a two-piece apron. The cap had a peaked cuff with gathers only at the front of the crown, and I always wondered how it was made. And I remember always feeling the utmost respect for those students. To me the uniform came to represent their dedication and caring and authority.
    I would even consider buying some of those what I guess are outdated symbols of nursing (caps, pins) from those who no longer want them.
    Hope you will be tolerant of a lonely opinion!
  7. by   panda_181
    Well, I started nursing school in September of 1998 and we had to wear baby blue. If we wore the color they really wanted us to wear, it was quite see through, and we would have to make sure our shirts covered out butts so you couldn't see our underwear. Most of my classmates found a shade darker just to be more comfortable. The LPN students had to wear mint green, which is just as thin and paper-like. Yuck!

    When we got into our 3rd year, they changed the policy so we could wear whatever we wanted. We had college nametags anyway, and as long as they were in view it was okay. Some of the nurses still wish we wore specific colors, but we're happy for the change!

  8. by   sml212
    At my school we have to wear all white.
  9. by   mtgirl63
    My student uniform was a light blue vest, which we had to wear over a white shirt and white pants. BORING!!!
    Last night at work I wore dark blue pants, with a solid red shirt and a jacket over it that was a blue print with kids on it that had little messages like "thank God for friends." Oh, and my white nursing clogs.
  10. by   TruthSeeker
    My first uniform in nursing school was solid white, top and bottom:

    White jeans with pockets in the front [like a pair of regular jeans], that had gathers in the front.

    If you wore a dress or skirt, they were made like the pants, same material....jean.

    White blouse with pockets in the front [like the pockets on scrub tops], with blue and gold trimmings around the sleeves and it zipped up in front with a collar and the school logo was on a patch sewn to the sleeve.

    I thought that was pretty sharp. And of course, white shoes of your choosing as long as they were white as well as white socks.

    Second uniform:

    Navy blue with a big pocket on the side of each pant legs as well as pockets in front like regular pants.

    Skirts were like the pants.....navy blue. Difference was, they had two pockets in front.

    The top buttons up with a V-neck. Has one pocket on the front to the left up top [in front of your breast] and two pockets below [like scrub tops]. Has navy blue trim on each side of the buttons and button holes and around the sleeves with the school logo on a patch on one sleeve.

    Third uniform:
    Same top as second uniform as well as the same pants, difference was, the color. We went from navy blue pants to solid white. Goes for the skirt as well.

    Shoes, white of your choosing. White socks or stockings.
  11. by   rjlrn95
    Student uniform was white with NO scrubs allowed, had to be a "dressier" pants and blouse or dress. White shoes and stockings/socks.

    Yesterday I wore white pants and christmas top.
  12. by   RNKitty
    Student: Blue and white pinstripe oxford style shirt. White pants. White lab coat. Ugh!

    Now - Ceil blue pants with white top, flowered warm up jacket. We have a dress code that we have to wear ceil blue.
  13. by   CashewLPN
    The only thing that made our uniforms nice was the fact that they were free...
    Blue pinstripe DRESSES for the first year.... boys got a blue 'dentist' jacket for over white scrubs...

    The second year, the boys stayed the same, but the girls got a white apron.... yuck... the collar, sleeves and hem stuck out.... yuck...