What can I do to help a struggling student nurse?? - page 2

I work with a girl starting her first semester of an advanced nursing program (16mos). She absolutely has to work FT b/c she is a single mom (with deadbeat dad) with three children. She is having to... Read More

  1. by   clemmm78
    You are a very thoughtful and caring person. I have a few ideas.

    When you cook for you and your hubby, could you make extra and bring it in for her, telling her that it's a treat and that you would love to see someone else enjoy it?

    Can you do some Christmas baking for the children?

    She may be reluctant to allow you to take her kids places, but perhaps you can give her some gift certificates for a local movie theatre or fun place where kids can burn off energy.

    Can you do the footwork to see if there is still some time to register for food baskets? Perhaps there is a way to do it anonymously?

    Helping someone who is reluctant to accept help is not easy. You will need to present it to her in a way that will help her understand that is is not failing if she receives help. Play on her "this isn't for you, it's for the kids," if she's reluctant. Or, play on the "pay it forward," type of feeling. Reassure her that you know she is not the type to play the system, but that you trust her implicitly to help someone else in need some time down the road.

    Good luck. I hope that your coworker makes it through because it truly sounds like she should.