What are the best and worst things about nursing?

  1. Okay I have been seriously thinking about nursing as my choosen profession. If you could what are the 5 best things about nursing, and the five worst. I have heard both good and bad, but just sum it up for me. Thanks..
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  3. by   baseline
    Five Best:
    1. Wide variety of areas and specialties.

    2. I have always worked. Always have had a paycheck of some nature...that can be considerable better than many!

    3. I can nurse and still be the teacher I always wanted to be...

    4. Ill get alot of flack on this one, but most people do respect the profession...even if not the way we would like them too....eg: financially.

    5. I can go almost anywhere and get a job. YOu just can't say that about alot of professions.

    Five worst:

    1. The hours can suck. Especially when you are the rookie! But it can get better. Actually I miss having week-days off.

    2. The pay has not caught up with the advancement of the profession.

    3. Benefits are good where I work, but not everywhere.

    Hmm... I cant come up with any others right now....I'm sure others will be able too! I can whine with the best of them, but the truth is, this profession has been good to me..... I have wanted to quit more times than not, but there is always another door that opens with new things to learn and do..... I see alot of complaining here, but I suspect this may be true for many nurses. Or maybe I have just been lucky in my selected places to work.
  4. by   acaringnurse
    well said baseline.
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    1. Wide variety of options
    2. Always able to learn something new at work.
    3. If you dont like where you work, you can usually go somewhere else and find a place you DO like.

    1.HOURS SUCK! (as stated in above post)
    2. The pay is never enough.
    3. As professionals we have to put up with things that other professionals do not!
    4.Not enough respect, from other emp[loyees or community

    thats all I can think of...