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I am just curious as to how long I should be a CNA before I go to nursing school. :cool: :D :cool: :D :confused:... Read More

  1. by   MarcusKspn
    I really enjoyed working as a CNA before I started Nursing School. From my personal experience I have seen some Nurses that would have benefitted from being exposed to a "lowly" CNA status before they became Nurses. They refuse to get off their butt's and do anything Nurse Aid wise like wipe a butt or two. (I must ad here that I am very well aware of Nurses having to sit and do lots of paperwork, I have NEVER EVER given a nurse who is genuinly working slack about it, I am talking about real sit around, never touch a chart, use the intercom to tell us there is a call light person). While we were learing (or for me re-learning) our basic skills in Nursing School (brushing dentures, changing beds, bed-baths) we had a couple of students asking "Why do we have to learn this stuff, isn't that what nurses aides are for?"

    I know there is always a seperation between the different levels of nursing (CNA-LPN-RN-NP) Every level thinks they are most important. I like the idea of going through the ranks, It gives me experience of what every level of certification does, how they feel, and how they want to be treated. I admire everyone who is doing the same thing.