Well, she used to be a good nurse

  1. I saw my old nurse manager yesterday. She was a very good manager, I liked her a lot. She lost her job several years ago during the managments purges at my old hospital. They systematically removed anybody who would not get with the program as far as downsizing and cost cutting was concerned. She had a MS in nursing. She went and got a degree in IT. She now runs the computer department at another hospital. My mother in law happens to be in that hospital. It is a shame that this excellent nurse is running computers instead of taking care of the sick. She did not experience a period of emotional upheaval at all when she lost her job, she just got moving. Of course the terrific severance package managers get when they are cut probably helped her a lot. However, I am not taking anything away from her accomplishments I really respect her drive and ambition. Would you believe she told me she works two night or so a month on the psych unit just to have patient contact.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Oramar, your old manager is probably still a good nurse; she just saw the direction that health care was taking and tried her skills in another area that she may have already been interested in. The fact that she still works 2 nights a month on a psych unit is to her credit; she still cares for patients. I once had a head nurse who cared so much for her staffs, that she went head to head with administration whenever quality of care was being undermined-- she was fired from at least 3 jobs for supporting her staff instead of the institution's policies. She is dead now, but those of us who worked under her still speak in awe of her and pass her legend on. Don't discount your old manager; maybe the fight has been beaten out of her.