Weighing my options

  1. currently weighing all of my options before the start of nursing school, and curious as to what you all think about the field of physical therapy. any and all information, experience with working around them, personal stories, etc., would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Both are good professions.
    Some places pay more for P.T. than for RN.
    P.T. jobs are in great demand.

    Check out the pay for both positions in areas you think you will be living.

    Check out variety of positions/number of positions available in area you
    think you will be living in the future.

    Overall, I think P. T. would be less stressful and better working conditions.
    That is my opinion.
  4. by   puresass
    from what i've heard, most PT jobs require a masters degree now. i could be wrong, but it's something to look into...
  5. by   user9876
    well the university i attend has moved to strictly a DPT program (doctorate of physical therapy), but i think it's a good idea. it eliminates the need for referrals and removes the PT from under the umbrella of a physician, and makes you more competitive in the job market. so i'm well aware that if i switch my major to PT, i can expect a much more rigorous curriculum.
  6. by   Nursing in 09
    Both are great but it seems one of the great parts of RN is all the options, not so many options in PT. also much more time in school for PT and more expense to school. But we all have different situations and goals. follow your heart. good luck!!!
  7. by   user9876
    thanks for all of your comments!
  8. by   user9876
    also, with the move to a DPT, i see wages, if anything, increasing. does anyone have any thoughts about that?
  9. by   user9876