We are using "Duaflow Enternal Pump by Novartis at our facility...Help!!

  1. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has information about or has had experience withDuoaflo Enternal Pump ( Model # 199255) type of gastric tube feeding. This set up is totally new in our facility. Up until now, we have never had a client in our facility who has required tube feeding. I looked up the Novartis web site, but it did not have much information. So, I thought that maybe one of you may know something about it.
    Thank you very much, as any info you can share will be greatly appreciated by my co-workers and myself.
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Try giving the pharmacy (or whoever supplies the pump) and ask them to send some litterature. Ive used several types of enteral pumps and they are all simular. Give them a call. they will help.