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Just wondering if any one has a good suggestion for getting rid of a wart? My 8 year old has a wart and I am not sure about getting it frozen off with nitr. Any other suggestions? If that is the only... Read More

  1. by   MomNRN
    I have had luck getting rid of several plantar warts on my 8-year-old daughter. My method: after a bath and the skin is soft, I use a sterilized needle to pick out seeds (very gently and not too deep), I then cover with the maximum-strength OTC acid from Dr. Scholl's. I bandage and leave bandage on until next evening. I look at again, might pick at, might not, depending on how area looks and child's attitude. After this I recommend soaking the foot for 20 minutes in epsom salts.

    I did this after a fellow nurse recommended it. After the 20 minutes, the whole plug of the wart came out. I was shocked. Although I know we might see again, it has been about 6-8 months!
  2. by   MPHkatie
    Well, I had lots of warts burned off my feet when I was 13-14, and it was so terribly painful, that I qoouldn't recommend it. One summer they simply went away. I also got one very ugly one on my pinky, and covered it with a bandaid because I didn't want anyone to see it. Oddly, about two weeks later, I took the bandaid off (remember, I was about 13) and the thing was just plain gone. so, those new bandaids that work like a tegaderm but dont breathe might do the trick. I think the brand name is nexcare.
  3. by   fairyprincess2003
    Hey there
    when I was a child I had SEVERAL warts on my hands. We tried everything for YEARS. Freezing never worked for me, and I went often when I was young. Finally one Dr. cut them off, he injected aroung them with something that kind of lifted them up. He then cut deep into the skin to get them out. They never came back since. I had them for about 10 years. I guess that was drastic, but it finally worked. My brother and sister on the other hand had them too, but theirs went away on their own after a few times with the freezing. Well good luck to her. Oh and the scars are still there on my hands, although not a huge hinderance and I would take the scars anyday over the warts....
  4. by   Raychel
    I am 15 and I have plantar's warts on my right foot.

    When I was little, I had warts on every finger for many years. When I was about ten, my mom put wart remover and bandaids on them. This stopped me from sucking my fingers, and it got the warts away.

    Back in about January, I noticed and lump on the bottom of my foot. We went to the doctor and he said it was a plantar wart. He told us to use the Compound W bandaid things and to exfoliate my foot after I take the CW off.

    I noticed that the skin would turn white from the adhesive. And then i'd exfoliate and put on a new one. I didn't do it that often though, so eventually one turned into two and now I have about 6. Four of them are very small though.

    After looking on the internet, and reading all the postive replies about the duct-tape treatment, I am going to try that. The only problem is that (and you won't believe this) we don't have duct tape in our house! But I might also try the thing with the sterilized needle. I've been wanting to try that anyways but my mom freaks out when I try to.

    This has been very helpful! I can't wait to have a normal-looking foot again !
  5. by   redraccoon
    Mediplast its a 40% salicylic acid plaster


    Trans-Ver-Sal transdermal patch
    it requires a prescription - but might be worth a try

    Vergo wart cream - worked for me on plantar type warts on my fingers
  6. by   skap
    I'm surprised no one has recommend Tea Tree Oil! It works AWESOME!! My husband had warts around his fingertips for YEARS before I met him, went to the dermatologist, many many rounds of burning them off but the ALWAYS came back. He read online about tea tree oil (bought it at Osco Drug) put it on for a week or two 3 times a day and they were GONE and never came back! He also used it on a plantarts wart and it was gone too. Tea Tree Oil is a anti fungal,bacterial,viral. It doesn't smell the greatest (or at least I think so) but it works on warts! I suggested it to my coworker for her son's wart on his toes and finger and they went away too. Give it a try!
  7. by   hock1
    My son currently has a wart that is almost one centemeter in width. We tried duct tape, home freezing kits, compound W, and a trip to the docs office for a deeper freeze. None of these have worked. That little stinker won't budge. My son now has an appt with a dermitologist to have it cut out, yuck. If this doesn't work, we may try the tree oil. Never heard of it before, sounds interesting.
  8. by   Quickbeam
    Just wanted to comment about plantar's warts. I've had a few. If you use OTC preparations, you need to be maniacal about it. just peeling a layer of wart off doesn't do anything. You need to follow through long enough to get the whole thing out. The package instructions rarely are clear enough to indicate this. They always seem to show the wart "popping out". To me , it's more like pulling a baby carrot out of your foot. Sorry if TMI but they are annoyingly persistent.