Warm mist vaporizer or cool mist humidifier?

  1. Ok, new mom here. I can take care of the old folks all day long but I am still learning when it comes to my little one.
    He is 8 months old and has his first cold. I have done some research as far as adding a little humidity to his room and it is all so conflicting. I was wondering what you experienced Pedi nurses and moms suggest, the warm air of a vaporizer or a cool mist humidifier? Take in to consideration that safety (burns) is not a concern yet as it will only be used at night while he is in his crib that he can not get out of.
    I took my mother's suggestion and used the vaporizer that I have last night and it seemed to work fine but I am just looking for other opinions. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   teeituptom
    warm mist or cool mist its all room temperature mist by the time it gets to the pt