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  1. Posted this under the PEDS specialty page, but wasn't getting much response there. Thought I'd repost it here, so here goes...
    Teach ADN students at a small community college. Our PEDS rotation is over the summer... It's the transition from freshman to senior RN students. Looking forward to this summer, as I really enjoy PEDS.
    Would appreciate some GOOD pediatric links, as I am going to be creating a web-enhanced page for the class.
    The subjects I will be teaching (so far) this summer... the Denver Developmental test and PEDS musculoskeletal... ANY ideas on teaching or any innovative sources of information would be MOST APPRECIATED!!!! (especially on the Denver... would like to make this 2-hour class FUN!!!!)
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  3. by   P_RN
    It's been a LONG time since I did EPSDT! It's the DD II now. Less parental bias.

  4. by   JNJ
    The best teaching is just providing experiences for the student to learn.

    I used to teach Denver II by a variety of methods. I never did find a great website in spite of allocating the search for one as a small group project topic one year!

    My ideas were:

    a. prior to the classroom time, students were given an age group and a portion e.g. gross motor to study. Place of study was optional - some went to the mall, to the fair, some to their own families etc. They reported their brief findings to the whole group, but with real life examples so I knew it was not just copied from the textbook.

    The examples were often amusing, but helped to cement the learning of what tasks are achieved at what ages.

    b. Another option is a very large jigsaw of the whole Denver II scale, cut into small pieces. Students reassemble the jigsaw, in small groups, after some observation in the field.

    c. I used to show portions of some of the developmental videos without sound, very brief portions. Students conferred in small groups and gave reasons and rationales for their choice of what age/skill/Denver task was being shown.

    Hope this helps, although I know it is not web based.
  5. by   VickyRN
    BIG thanks, P_RN, and JJ--big help!!!