waiting on acceptance Fall 2008 FCCJ - page 2

just thought i would start a new thread for students waiting on acceptance letters for the fall 2008 start...........the wait is killing me!!!!! im excited though, all my hard work, and now i... Read More

  1. by   dizern
    I live in ponte vedra half of the week, so we could meet up that would be cool save on gas and such, well there is a bunch of girls on another thread that are talikng the same thing maybe you could poke around and find it....we have been meeting up to do physicals and titers together...well let me know what ya think!
  2. by   jlike
    Thanks. I would love to meet up. No one else I know has gotten in so I feel stranded in this. I posted to some of the other forums to try to find people close by. When are you in PV? Maybe we could meet before orientation.