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While recently conducting a Google search on the topic of stagnating and deflating wages in the healthcare sector, I honestly did not unearth much scholarly information on the topic. However, many... Read More

  1. by   Chiggysmom
    Quote from kcmylorn
    Time will tell how lucky these nursing employers are.

    Think about it, if your were a new grad, who can't get a jov because no one will put out the money to orient you for your profession and you had major student loan bills due 6 month post graduation, would you hang around in a dead end profession? Waiting for the preverbial economy to turn around, which economists and other analysts say won't be for another 5 years, and the predictors of the nursing job outlook to look to inprove in the year 2020.? That's 8 years from now- By that time, how much orienting and residency programs do one thinks that going to take- that 2012 new grad could have done 2 more 4 year cycles in a BSN program for god sakes.

    How many people are going to hang around waiting for 8 years for job? Then when you think about all the bad media that is going to creat, who is going to want to invest their money, take out loans for nursing education.

    How many nurses are going to seek costly advanced degrees to be paid peanuts. Nurse don't aquire advanced degrees- NP, MSN's and DCS or DNP's to take 7AM nursing report on these moron employers hospital units, to clean poop, give out meds, answer call lights and haggle with the pharm, lab, xray, take crap from the patients, t and the patient's family,.the disrespect from their employers- talked down to like nincompoops about customer service skills, nit picking, manipulated by hair brain Nursing mangers who are kissing corporate butts. So what ever mind altering drugs these hospital CEO's and board of directors are on they best get off of and check into rehab.

    I have had quite afew nurse's with their MSN 's tell me- why do you think I got an MSN, or I didn't get an MSN to wipe butt.

    How many doctors are going to take on these job position- are we going to ask an establish physican to now start drawning their own labs, doing their own EKG's, taking their turn doing night shift inhouse rotations for days on end like that of their residency years, how many lawyers are going to take over the jobmarket and fill positions of paralegals and law clerks. while the MBA's puppeteer and orchestrate the smarter more intelligent professions. Don't tell me it takes high intellect to be a Business major- bookkeeping, accounting, basic math skills- non advanced the math skills of calculus and trig: Oh wait- project management- any stay at home mom or dad,or any kid who has ever planned a party for their friends or who has ever planned a birthday part can project manage. Any one who manages the budget in their own home can budge direct!! Any one with any common sense knows if they have $3,000/month to pay mortgage/rent/ electric/food/car payment and insurance, one can't spend 2500 dollars on new clothes for themself, movie tickets, dinners out and expect to pay the same bills with what's left over. Great intellectual geniuses don't tend to go into business administration-

    Business majors have always been those looking for the easier routes out of a college education, it is the easiest of all the nursing MSN's- it is more difficult, mentally taxing and challenging to take on an NP program, than an administration track. Sorry but it's true.
    In my day- the kids who went into the business majors were the goof offs, those that were not going to sacrifice their social life for the hard sciences. I don't recall any validictorian of any of my kids classes or mine ever being a business major- They were the physics, engineering, medical school bound or nursing majors. Business majors were not the high achievers. they always made fun of the science high achiever crowd and it was mostly because the science kids were so intellectual and studious aka NERDS. Business majors= party animals, easy street, fun seeking. The CEO's are no different. It's me, me, me! and the heck with you,you,you!
    OMG KCMYLORN! You are so-o right on!!!
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    What a fun and encouraging thread!

    Is there any hope for the future, or are we all basically boned?
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    Quote from netglow
    These last few posts are right on the money. It is all corporate now. And the funny thing too is that groundwork has been laid to do this same screw to physicians. I read physician blogs and it is the exact same raw deal in the works. I do believe that physicians are pretty easy targets and have dug their own hole so to speak. They refuse to see their own reality because the ego always gets in the way for them. In my area they pretty much must work for the hospital networks. When you are a network doc, you must refer all to others in your network or get fired. This keeps any MD on his/her own struggling unless known as the very best in their field. Almost all practices are owned by Hospital networks. Physicians are just another employee now. Lots of moaning on about being hauled into a "review" and told to make numbers next month and being shown the numbers of the guys on the other side of town that you should aspire to, etc. Also about specialists just out of residency being refused. The corporation that runs every practice doesn't need any more of you guys, they don't want another employee on payroll, thanks. Just like us.

    Our deal is that the corporation hates nurses and wants us gone as much as possible. There will be many "techs" hired to replace us, or duties given to others eg common in my area to have PT do wound care... This too is happening to physicians. When it comes down to it the corporation will rather hire NPs in numbers greater than MDs. It's a money thing. And all you NPs to be, you might see good times for the time being, but your salary will go down too because alas you are ONLY an NP, thus even though you will do more in future years, you still are ONLY an NP and do not qualify for decent salaries according to the corporation. This is the future.

    Listen to it, they are already bemoaning a "phyisican shortage" LOL, and LOL again. There are cries for more residencies, more students to enter the medical track! Have we heard that one somewhere else? Local community colleges already offer premed classes only for those with an established premed intention! You can forget the whole worries about rural areas and the "need". There ain't nobody in the corporation who gives a damn about poor rural folks who cannot pay the big bills. Why bring them healthcare? Remember it is not about caring for people. No benevolence involved here at all. It is only about the money.
    Love what you say "Remember it is not about caring for people. No benevolence involved here at all. It is only about the money"!!! This is one of the biggest disappointments about the nursing field for me, that they don't actually "really" care about the patient, it's all about the money. I just have a problem with that. It's one thing if you're working for a grocery store and we're talking about boxes of cereal and loaves of bread, but when we're talking about human lives, I just have a problem with profits being the number one priority and that is truly what it is all about. Very sad and disappointing. I cannot wait for 8 more years and I can walk away from this whole debacle called nursing!