Volunteering and nursing school

  1. Hello all-

    I have an informal interview today to begin as a volunteer at a local hospital. This hospital is also the school to which I plan to apply to the nursing program in the spring (I am currently completing prereqs there). Do you think that my volunteering will help me to be accepted into their nursing school?

    Please don't get me wrong, this is not the main reason that I want to volunteer, I was just curious if it may have an affect on my acceptance. If it doesn't, I am still going to have a great experience and if it does, it is just an extra added bonus.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   faith2007
    Actually, Its not a bad idea. I had a friend that worked part time in a gift shop and did a little volunteering. And today 10 years later she is still currently working in that same hopital,but as a LPN, she is currently in a RN program. Cant hurt, Good Luck..
  4. by   ann945n
    No doubt it will help you out. Write about your experience with them on your application (if given a place to do so) and you will surely meet people who know people etc. I would let the word out you are hopefully going to be going to school there and so on. Couldnt hurt! Sometimes it comes down to who you know.
  5. by   vivibonita
    Quote from ann945n
    Sometimes it comes down to who you know.
    ...and the impression you make! If you show interest in the career, are always doing a good job (even volunteering), and have an overall good attitude about the place and the people there. Well, then you will be encouraged by others to further your education and they will even ask you to work with them

    Good luck.