Volunteered at Alzheimer's Day Care Center

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    Psychology is one of the courses I'm taking right now to finish up my nursing prerequisites, and one of the assignments for the semester was to pick an organization to volunteer 8 hours with. I chose an Alzheimer's day care center. I'll admit-I was nervous at first. I've never had any experience with people with dementia. But after leaving there today, I feel absolutely wonderful!!! I made so many great friends! I got to dance, sing along to Dean Martin and Beatles songs, paint a lady's nails, play ball, watch the Ed Sullivan show, and make people laugh. I feel so great about this, because I think this was great experience for me. I've decided that I'm going to volunteer on a regular basis at that place. To see those smiles on their faces is priceless!!

    Just wanted to share my day with y'all!

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  3. by   justavolunteer
    It is nice to know that you found volunteering so rewarding. I'm 'justavolunteer' on a pt unit and I find that what I mostly get is loads of appreciation. Often it's the little things that people are most happy about. The patients appreciate it when I bring them water. The nurses sure are grateful too! I've made many a nurse happy because they bring a pt. a pill and they don't have make a second trip to get water (because I was there first).