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  1. I am an S.P.N. and I need to do community/family, and Volunteering for credit hours. Is The American Red Cross a Family or Volunteering facility or is visting a long-term care residence a Volunteering? I am unsure what choices there are for any of the titles of Volunteering and family/Community services. My instructor said I am on my own to chose. Anyone have good tips on things and/or places to go? I wasn't given much direction, just things I need to do for credit hours. I also need to shadow a nurse in January after more clinical time. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Melina
    What is SPN? Student Practical Nurse? Where are you? The Red Cross is a good place to start. You can also contact your local low-income clinic. Visits to LTC are nice, but you probably need some kind of medical assignment. What are your classmates doing? Does your instructor know that you don't understand what is expected of you? You must have some kind of assignment. A list of skills your supervisor needs to check off on?

  4. by   snowfreeze
    Try some soup kitchens, offer to assist at a local event or marathon, find a flu clinic to help with this time of year, assist at a local health screening event taking blood pressures, finding something outside of your neighborhood and lifestyle is usually what they are looking for you to experience.
  5. by   mamason
    I'm not sure what S.P.N stand for? Could you try Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services,Women Crisis Center, Big Brother/Big Sister. These are all organizations that work with families in my community. Maybe they have something similar in your neck of the woods?:wink2:
  6. by   mamason
    Oh...I forgot...Do they have a "Nurses for Newborns" in your area? You could probably earn some clinical hours through them if it is approved with your school?