Visual aid for advanced directive presentation? Any ideas?

  1. I'm working on a presentation for my speech class about the importance of having and advanced directive. I'm not having any trouble figuring out what I'm going to talk about but we are required to have a visual aid. I think I'm going to do a handout of an advanced directive form but I want something larger too, like a poster maybe. Anybody have any interesting ideas?
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  3. by   Patti 2nd gen RN
    I have always thought a video showing how aggressive and invasive, a code and intubation really are--then follow it with stats on how many of what age group get to go back home as who they were before the code --that would be very informative!!!! But I come from a bias of seeing old folks beat on, shocked and have tubes shoved down their throats, and for all that cost, rearely see someone over 70 go home being their independent, happy selves again....Perhaps show ing the stats on the effect of age, and general health would help--a code makes a bigger positve difference for younger people....
  4. by   abracadabra2886
    Thanks for the ideas! I'll probably do something like that.
  5. by   semiller36545
    How about a video summation of the whole sad Terri Schiavo saga ? If that doesn't prove the importance , NOTHING will.