Vioxx discussion

  1. As part of our pharmacology assignment (below), we are to complete the following sentence, choose a side, and give a logical explaination. I was wondering what you all thought of this as I may be able to implement some of this information onto my assignment as always, thanks everyone!

    Take a position, pro or con the effectiveness of the current FDA process for drug approval. Post a one paragraph response to the following statement on the Main discussion board. Cite at least one source to support your position using APA style.

    The recent withdrawal of Vioxx and ongoing controversy regarding Cox-Inhibitors demonstrates that the current FDA drug approval process __(choose either phrase

    a.) works well to protect Americans or

    b.) is flawed and requires major improvement.
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  3. by   neneRN
    You might get more responses if you post your opinion/answer to the assignment first; then we can give pointers or suggestions, otherwise it may seem like just doing your homework for you, and I'm sure that's not your intent.